Thursday, February 2, 2012

Noritake Handpainted Porcelain

These side pieces are all stamped with the green wreath and the letter N.
Noritake Handpainted porcelain. I started to research the mark and got quite bogged down with differing opinions so I decided to 'show' and not tell. Just search for Noritake marks to get more information.

I am guessing that many tea set and dishware Noritake pieces in this style were wedding presents in the late 1930's  before WWII.

A happenstance of my friend bringing a bouquet of peach coloured carnations led to a pretty vignette with the Noritake china on a silverplate tray.
The handled dish is a lemon server and the smaller oval is a candy dish.

Happy Thursday.


  1. My grandmother's good dishes were that pattern and she had service for more than twelve. She put the set together in the 1930's as premiums from the grocery store. They were proudly displayed in the Welsh dresser my grandfather made. ~ Maureen

  2. That set is SO pretty! Yes, the flowers make a beautiful presentation too! I'd never seen a lemon server until just now. Learn something new every day. :)

  3. Your set is very pretty, very vintage and rare...Christine

    1. Hi, do you know what pattern this set is? I have been left loads of it and need some information on it. Many thanks, Neil

  4. Beautiful set of vintage Noritake, I just love the design on them, just gorgeous! I love your display too. Happy weekend and happy Valentines.

  5. What a beautiful vintage set! You have a really lovely and unique collection here! Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Thank you for linking your lovely china to Potpourri Friday! It's beautiful!

  7. So pretty! I love the colors and the vintage Noritake is gorgeous!

  8. Oh my!!!! I love this Noritake set! It's so nice to look at! The details are very beautiful.

  9. What a great set to have Joy! I learned the little plate with the handle is a lemon plate, I didn't know that.

  10. Very colorful. Does yours have a face in the bottom of the tea cups when you hold it up to the light?

    Stopping by from Thrifty Things Friday.~Ames

  11. Wow! These are gorgeous! I just love the hand-painted scenery! Beautiful vignette! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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