Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Metal Picture Frame Updated

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When I was framing my paintings and prints in the 1980's the gold and silver coloured metal frames kits were very popular. Today, not as much. Thought I would try spray painting a gold coloured metal frame and see if I liked the results.
It is a bit too cold and rainy to work with spray paint for more than a minute at a time outside so I pulled my outside work table under the eves, held newspaper up to protect the house from spray mist and started layering, beginning with a white Primer and continuing with Heirloom White. After each spray I brought the frame inside to dry. Repeated until the frame looked 'heirloom white'.
The cottage scenic picture looks nice in its freshened frame. I think I will be changing out a few more metal frames for spray painted finishes.
Here is the before and after for comparison,
and would you believe it, I just found a blog that had a spray painted gold frame update here on Don't Disturb This Grove.

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  1. Excellent idea Joy! I was just about to donate an old gold-toned frame but I think I'll try spraying it instead.

  2. It never even occurred to me that the gold metal frames could be painted. Thanks , great blog.

  3. It looks wonderful! Never underestimate the power of a can of spray paint!!!

  4. It looks very fresh and cottagey! I'm reworking my frames to avoid the cost of custom ones, too. ~ Maureen

  5. OH MY GOODNESS......That looks amazing!

  6. Excellent idea, Joy! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Good choice. It's so funny how we think something is so grand, then 30 years later it's like who ever said that was a good idea. Great job.

  8. What an improvement! Great idea, Joy. I think I might give that a try too.

  9. You're very crafty. I like the frame painted white Very pretty pictures. too. I'm going to follow on Linky. would you follow back. Pat


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