Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flow Blue

Fun today Chatty Chicks featured my Side Yard Garden Post.

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Flow Blue. When I started collecting in my early twenties flow blue was a really big deal. Expensive in the antique shops and fairly expensive in the 2nd hand stores. Now, for some reason, it is seen as 'blue'. I still see it as wonderful flow blue. I love the way the blue glaze migrates through the pattern, spreading into the white surround. It is found on all sorts of bodies, clay, china, porcelain.

I love shopping my home for vignettes. I grouped an old baptismal certificate from 1883 with its totally worn and 'natural' aged frame with the roses and the marble based white lamp that shouts 'vintage+' to me. Added dried hydrangia from last summers bounty and a pottery vase with browns and blues. Framed the group with my best backdrop - a three piece unpainted shutter. I took the pictures from 'light at back' , light in front and with a couple with the flash on. Different effects.
 Can you see how the blue glaze is migrating into the white in these pictures?
I am totally in love with the darkness of the shadowed roses against the worn and chipped frame of the Reds in the baptism certificate.
This very old table shows up in many of my photos and one day soon I am going to showcase it to show the age and beauty of this piece. I love the contrast of the table against the richness off the bowl with the natural light blurring the edges.
 Here is a close up grouping of the Baptism Certificate and its authentic chippy frame.
You likely have guessed that the collection is thrifted. I am linking up with several lovely bloggers who also love thrifted and who have linky parties that I join in on each week.

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  1. I like that you kept that Baptism Certificate in it original frame. Not everything needs fixing. You have a wonderful vignette.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. How beautiful. I so love seeing pieces of history used in such pretty ways. As always your posts are so lovely!!

  3. That is a beautiful vignette and the flow blue bowl is to die for! ~ Maureen

  4. This is just beautiful! I LOVE the flow blue bowl!

  5. Thank you for sharing this charming vignette at my party.


  6. Beautiful vignette! Love it paired with the shutters.
    Mary Alice

  7. The blue in that piece is lovely!!!

  8. Swoon! The vignette is fabulous -- the migration of the blue glaze, the blue of the hydrangeas, the charming certificate, the graceful lamp.

  9. How very lovely!!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  10. What a beautiful collection. I heard one of the reasons why the real flow blue pieces are expensive is because it has actual gold particles in them. - Hazel

  11. so beautiful... fills me wit joy to see the way you've arranged these treasures!


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