Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Thoughts on Organization

Word of the Year: Organization (see that post here).  Had to try to find specific small sized medical receipts for taxes and guess what - baskets and baskets of receipts and statements, 2010 intermixed with 2011.

I knew there was going to be a problem with 2011paperwork and I did not want a repeat at the end of 2012,  so I started 2012 off with labeled file folders for every category and put them into a plastic file holder. I am filing as I deal with each piece of 2012 paper.

Plan One - Bringing everything (I hope this is everything) into kitchen. Sort into categories, if a paper doesn't fit it goes back to the basket to be considered another time.

Tuesday morning I brought the baskets and piles into the kitchen and sorted by year (picture is from 'collection of paper I did last night). Whoops - pulled out unsorted 2010 statements. 13 categories. Sorted categories by month, clipped with big paper clips, sticky note on top of each 'pile' with notes of any missing statements. 
Bundled with elastic bands and slid the stack into a ziplock bag, used permanent felt pen and wrote Year and Statements on bag. One year finished. 

After lunch I started on 2011 (thats the year I need to finish so I can get on with the tax paperwork). Clipped each stack and put a sticky note with missing statements. More than 80% finished with 2011. Have to take a deeper look around in the office to find the missing paperwork.

Plan Two - look at hundreds of small receipts. Do I need to keep or can I shred? Update warranty file with item receipts and product manuals. Keep any receipts that may be needed (proof of purchase etc.). Keep all tax related receipts for 7 years (Canada). Discard warranty/manuals of items no longer owned. Shred paperwork/receipts that are no longer necessary to store.

Plan Three - don't get so far behind.

More work another day.


  1. You've got a good plan and you're "workin' it". That's what it takes.
    I'm fairly organized by nature, but my husband is definitely NOT!!
    Wish he would get the organization "bug"! LOL!

  2. Love to see all of this organization taking place. I was in high organization mode in January but have slowed down as I just finished a ton of entertaining. Time to get back to it! Thanks for becoming a Follower. I'd love to have you link this Sunday to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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