Monday, February 6, 2012

Chief Brand Washboard

This is another 'brought to you by... DH' project.

Very old and much used washboard, glass scrubbing insert, Chief Brand. Bought at an Estate invite sale a couple of weeks ago. The top 'hold everything together' bar was missing. As you will see there were a lot of rusty nails and some broken 'back' boards as well.

You can tell from the fuzzy wood, the wear and curves that this was a 'used', not display washboard.

 I had no idea how to repair the top.
 I am however, very good at finding and bringing tools to DH. One board from the carport. One saw from the basement. A utility knife from its hiding place (DGS doesn't need to know where).
 Charged the battery for the drill. DH measured, traced the shape of the top of the washboard. I brought up a pile of chisels. DH drilled a bit, chiseled carefully.

 Dry fitted a few times, then glue and clamp, wiped up excess glue with damp paper towel.
 Finished. Whew. Thanks to DH.
Leaning against another project (see yesterday's post).


  1. I love the washboard! I love anything with antique promotion on it. Very sweet!

  2. What a great find! Wonderful that your husband could get it looking like that for you!

  3. Love it, what a great fix it job. I have an old 'used' washboard in my laundry on display, I am so glad we have machines now.

  4. Wonderful fix up. A terrific find.

  5. Love the washboard, and great job bringing it back to life!! Happy VTT

  6. Love the piece and your was used!

  7. How wonderful 1) you found it and 2) you were able to save/repair it! That's such a great vintage piece!

  8. I have one as well. Not sure which family generation I got it from.


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