Friday, February 3, 2012

aVintageGreen Booths Visit

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To check out the other wonderful booths at Village Antiques Mall visit my
and now... my post today.
I've been a collectibles dealer at Village Antiques Mall since 1994 (October). The learning curve never stops which is a good thing as Martha often says. It is fun to follow personal interests and then to visit with shoppers to find out what they are searching for. Most have specifics in mind (adding the right teapot to their collection or finding some long ago retired piece of china). Others are open to the experience and buy for their homes (decoration items, furniture, books ...). Vintage clothing is also popular. Occasionally I post a visit to my booths at Village Antiques Mall. You will likely find some familiar items in this visit from previous posts over the last two weeks.
 Some fresh Smurf collectibles from 1982 were added this week.
 This is my 'upper booth' (it is up two stairs from the lower level in the mall). This is my original booth space and certainly looks nothing like it did in my early years as a dealer (well, the floor covering is the same).
 The geese painting was just added and the Primo Depression glass was posted about earlier this week as were the green sugar and cinnamon shakers and Fenton vase.
Hope you enjoy visiting.
I am thinking about having a visit to my booths as a monthly post. 


  1. Beautiful!!! I SO wish I could visit in person and linger over all these pretty things!

  2. That would be a great feature post to view weekly. Good thinking!

    ~Sylvia Faye


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