Monday, January 16, 2012

Word of the Year: Organization

Having a collectibles business means there are boxes and shelves and stacks and piles of stuff waiting to be processed; cleaned, repaired, painted, polished, tagged, wrapped, packed, transported. This can get out of hand very quickly.

Many attempts have been made to organize both the home and the business. Two sheds, a large storage room in the house, an office filled with... has not meant organized for the business.

Maintaining home organization is also an ongoing process.To help make this happen I am concentrating on finding a 'home' for everything in the house and making sure that when something is used it is replaced.

The basic house rules: put it back, pick it up, hang it up, used dishes by dishwasher, laundry in baskets take some concentrated nagging suggestions and 'learn by example', hopefully cooperation, and bribes rewards for following the basic rules will help.

My tasks are to deal with the bigger issues as well as following the basic house rules.
This picture (four earlier posts) does show progress.
I have started, shelf by shelf by desk by space.
Business supplies are in a carry basket with a shelf dedicated to that basket. More supplies have an entire bookcase for storage, again in baskets.
I changed out a small desk and it is dedicated for business use.
I am working my way through our home, very small areas at a time (sometimes only a shelf or a drawer). Throughout the year I am going to post about successes and more than likely about organizational ideas that didn't work.

These are my first steps on my organization goal this year.
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  1. It looks like you're making good progress! I'm working on organization too--things got a little out of hand over the holidays!

  2. My huge task for this year is organizing...and getting my hubby to help and keep things organized. So far even he says he sees progress on the first room. :)

    I definitely want to borrow your calendar idea!

  3. I'm right there with you!!!! I am trying to get my house ready to put on the market so I have to be careful not to get "crazy" like I want to do and rip wallpaper and paint etc. I just need to clean and organize and have a place for everything so it STAYS that way when people come to see it. I tend to have a few clean rooms that look great and then a few that look like a tornado went through them! LOL!
    I'm like you...taking baby steps and today was not REAL productive but it's not over! I cleaned the outside of the frig, re-did my hutch (just the outside but I was SO tempted to tear into the inside but I held myself back otherwise I will NEVER get this house on the market!) and I'm heading for the counter tops now!
    I really appreciate blogs like yours as they keep me from feeling overwhelmed and getting frustrated which happens a lot! Thank you for your blog and for knowing I am not alone in this venture! Go Girls GO!!!!!

  4. I've been on an organization kick for several years now. I know that sounds as if I'm not doing so well, but actually it's just the opposite. It has taken time to work and rework things to the point where they not only get organized but stay that way. I will be looking forward to both types of posts from you (what works... what doesn't)

    Cheering you on as you organize!

  5. I have tried to get organized and then something else peeks my interest~

  6. Love it to pieces!! Thanks so much for linking up to Overflowing with Creativity!! Have you entered my giveaway yet?

    XO, Aimee

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  7. Great minds think alike! I'm working my way through my house trying to get organized too. This should probably be my word every year! Thanks for sharing!


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