Monday, January 23, 2012

What did I try out to replace Picnik Collages? Picasa

Before and After - Before is Picnik, after is Picasa

What software do YOU use to make YOUR header? What did I do with eight hours of my day Sunday? Looked at and tried a lot of editing online software. Picasa (which is downloaded to the computer), BeFunky, BigHugeLabsMosaicMaker, PiZap. I poked at a few others but didn't keep notes.

I have loved using Picnik. The news that Picnik will be shut down on April 19, 2012 has been disturbing. I spent several hours today trying out several suggestions, 9 found by Between Naps on the Porch and one tried by Claudia (Mockingbird Hill Cottage) and Diane (The Blue Ridge Gal).

I downloaded and used Picassa to make a collage but linear was not an canned option. I found that the choice of 'a pile of pictures' could be manipulated and this could be used as a header. I saved my first attempt to 800 pixels and tried it out in my 'spare blog'. It worked in that blog filling the header space correctly, but it is considerably narrower than this blog.
 I did another 'header', again with 'a pile of pictures' and lined the pictures up. Added text and played around with other editing options. Saved it at 1024 pixels. Too big for my test blog header. Another try another day. I think 980 pixels may be about right.
All these hours of learning did relieve stress I was cooking up worrying about the loss of Picnik's collage tools that I used to make my headers.

BigHugeLabsMosaic Tried out the free version (donation of $25.00 adds HiRes Posters), it has 7 mosaic configurations. Made a collage/mosaic with 4 pictures (only linear choice), no choice in placement of photos. It saves to Download folder on Mac. Will likely use for making photo collages (somewhat similar to the ones available in Picnik)

PiZap Took my BigHugeLabs mosaic and uploaded it as a photo into piZap. Added a frame and text. Made a nice looking header BUT could not resize so that it was large enough to go across my header space. This is what I got, looks good, has an piZap ad attached to it though. Not only that I couldn't duplicate the picture below so I have lost a step somewhere in the process, and who knows, I may have my wires crossed totally on this one.

Tomorrow I am writing about and showing how I used BeFunky for borders and text (watermark).


Has anyone found any Mac friendly program 
that is easy to use,
 with a good variety of pre-made
and flexible collage blank frames 
that can be resized to fit header space,
 plus all of the other great tools
found in Picnik?


  1. I use Picasa quite a bit for collages. That is what I used to make my header. My header title options are limited because I am a Typepad blog and haven't figured out anything much about it, but I'm happy with my present header.

    I also use Photoscape. I believe it has Mac options now, but I am not positive. I love editing my photos in Photoscape. It is a free (or donation) program with lots of options. However, I like Picasa when doing picture pile type banners etc.

  2. I'm seconding the Photoscape recommendation - but I'm PC based and can't comment on how it fares on the Mac.

    (I'd only just discovered Picnik - sad if it's disappearing...)

  3. Photoscape is sadly only for PC not Mac. I suspect Picasa is going to be the header tool. I used BeFunky for frames/photo editing (see tomorrow's post) and was happy enough with it. Still want PicniK to stay though.

  4. Well thanks for doing all the hard work for the rest of us. I wondered how all of you got those beautiful headers and I was just looking into it when someone told me to use Picasa. I still haven't done it and I usually research several but you've done the work for us. Thank you Joy!

  5. I have made all my headers in PicniK and that is why I spent the time finding if there was any free online software that would do the same thing. Didn't find 'same' but found 'similar'.

  6. Hi Joy,

    I'm so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I personally have not used PicniK. For the few collages I have created I used BigHugeLabs for mosaics. I use a PC so I am interested in seeing what Photoscape might offer.

  7. Well, at least you figured out how to add wording! More than I managed!

  8. I wish I had! I was using Picasa, but they were joined with Picnick for collages. I heard Picnick was shutting down and I didn't know what I was going to do!

  9. Hi Joy,

    My name is Jenn, I'm part of a team of former-Picnikers. We see that you've been an avid user of Picnik and love to hear about your passion for great photos!

    As you're looking for an alternative to your old favorite I wanted to let you know about -- a new photo editing site built by a couple of the folks who brought you Picnik! It’ll be familiar, fun, and totally user-friendly. And, you'll be happy to hear that a collage feature is on our docket.

    Sign up on our site and we’ll keep you updated on a launch date. Also, feel free to send me your feedback, feature requests, and, of course, any questions you have!

    Hope to see more of your photo creations soon!



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