Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thinking Valentines Day, Frames with BeFunky

PicniK will be my photo formatting tool until April 19, 2012, but being prepared to use other somewhat similar software is necessary. For today's photos I settled on frames and text (watermark) using BeFunky. This does not address the problem of making collages with several photos in many configurations or creating headers that was so very well done with PicniK. I did sign up for BeFunky Premium. Same price as PicniK but way fewer options. Good selection of borders. More limited on fonts than Picnik and NO collages. Does have lots of fun, cute, funky frame options.

Using BeFunky, an online photo editing free/can pay for more/ program, I framed the photos below and added text (watermark).

I uploaded each picture (only option was one at a time) and sized them individually at "5" which gave me photo sizes of between 307 and 438 Kb. This is a bit larger than I use in PicniK (which has a very good and very obvious resizing/saving tool). I will continue to learn the best ways to use this BeFunky, this was 'day 1 try'.

BeFunky does have a transparency choice in making borders that is very pretty.
 The small tilt mirror with the red glass necklace reflects 
the Corningware shelves across the room.

Used rounded corners, blur and plain frame for the camera picture.
Stamp frame.

The mirror on this shelf reflects the tea and coffee server and a bit of the 'furniture refinisher' on the other side of the room. Blur frame over thin red frame.
The mirror in the Royal Albert China shelf reflects the shelves directly across. 
Rounded corners, blur pink frame.


  1. Kudos to you. I think you did a great job with the lovely photos...Wouldn't it be great to sit down to a beautiful dinner on Valentine's day, served on Royal Albert China? Dreaming is free, huh?! *wink

  2. I haven't even starting looking for an option to Picnik. Thanks for doing some legwork! ~ Maureen

  3. You are too smart for me. I barely know the basic things to do a blog and here you are doing all kinds of neat things. Good for you.

  4. I downloaded Picassa today and played with it..great minds think alike! I'm just starting really so I did not have Piknik or anything. I did a collage but didn't post. I'd like to do something like yours across the top instead but haven't gotten that far. If you want favorites I think the last one REALLY accented your dishes with the pink border and set it off. The first one seemed distracting from your "pretties". Just an F.Y.I. but you'll choose what's best for you and your treasures! You go girl!

  5. Well, you've given me another alternative to go look at, Joy! Thanks! You did good scoping this one out.

  6. I need to buy a Brownie camera . . . circa 1920. Do you have one for sale?

  7. Hi Nance, this blog is a 'just about stuff' blog and I don't sell from it.

    However, I do have a booth at Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley but all sales are 'shop in the store'.

    I am guessing most collectibles and antiques malls will have a great variety of vintage cameras as do etsy and online shops. Good luck in your search.


  8. nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings


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