Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Small Oak Wall Shelf

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Something I am learning this new year is that the small treasures I have tucked here and there in the house can become visual treats when they are gathered together in a new way.

The small and lovely oak wall cabinet has been my right hand for storing office supplies. It housed jugs of pencils and pens and a very sharp pair of scissors, stacks of cardboard tags, a hemp string holder with a few pretties on the shelves and serious little bins of scotch tape, felts, erasers, paperclips... inside the little doors. It was a happy garage sale find a few years ago. Over the Christmas holiday I moved my office work into a new location because I was absolutely tired of having the kitchen look part office and the kitchen table was forever covered with stacks of paper, boxes, the implements of my work.

Yesterday evening (when I took these photos) I went 'shopping in the house'. I set my tripod up on the kitchen table. I am working on using everything on my small camera to the max and still have much to figure out and learn (a suggestion from some excellent bloggers who started with a point and shoot before they went manual with something special). I added and subtracted treasures until I liked the groupings.
The light switch helps show the scale of this small shelf unit.
Love the slide lock on one door (and you can see the space where the other lock was at some time).
I started with bronze and white, added wood and paper and then round and rectangular.
Nice to have another 'mantel' for displaying treasures.


  1. Cute! I have a similar painted one in my bathroom.


  2. I really like the shelf Joy, I havent seen anything like that over in the UK. I like the idea of a painted one too, would be perfect in the bathroom or bedroom.X

  3. Very nicely done.
    It makes your treasures look extra special
    and give real warmth to your 'mantel'.
    Good job!!

  4. Great picture. I love how I didn't notice the little round cut outs in the shelf until the round face of the clock and the roundness of the globe made me 'see' circles. Nice display. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. It's so sweet! I like your arrangements very much!


  6. You are so smart to shop in your own home. Things look all fresh and new when grouped in new ways. A great look! Thanks so much for sharing!


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