Monday, January 30, 2012

Primo Depression Glass

Some weekends finds are just lovely. Packed away for a long while, carefully bubble wrapped. Passed from one elderly collector to another elderly who asked me to come over and see. Pale Yellow. Primo Depression Glass, also called Panelled Aster. Not a commonly found pattern. This depression glass was made by US Glass Company and dates from the early 1930's. It was made in green and yellow. 
 Footed Iced Tea Glasses
 Footed Sherbet Glasses
and to end this post, a happy memory of an Anniversary Bouquet.


  1. So very, very pretty! I love the delicate detail.

  2. that's amazing - maybe the most beautiful glass i've ever seen.

  3. Very pretty, delicate glassware.
    How much do I love that beautiful bouquet?!!

  4. I love Depression glass! I sold all mine off and now I'm thinking of collecting again. Hmmm - which one to choose! ~ Maureen

  5. Thanks so much for the link! I must say I am actually from Australia....but I just happen to blog about my holidays to New I don't mind being mistaken for a Kiwi! Love your blog & your beautiful treasures. When I saw your blog title I knew we would get on well. Green is my favourite colour & my favourite things are vintage, & my middle name is Joy as well. Xx

  6. What a wonderful find Joy! Gorgeous pattern on those vintage depression glasses.

  7. A very lucky "find" for sure! I collect depression glass as well, and am always on the hunt. Feel free to visit this post for a small glimpse of my collection!


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