Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organization - Desk and Shelf

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Decluttering and organizing my desk and bookshelf was a long job yesterday. I worked on finding new places for a great number of items that have been piling higher and higher. In mid December I moved my office materials from the kitchen to this desk and shelf without making space first. The piles got higher still.

I chose 'organization' as my word and focus for 2012 and I started with small wall shelves, tops of furniture, larger wall cupboards and now...
This is the 'normal' look for this area, boxes of books stacked on the shelf, on the floor and on a stool at the right of the shelf, a Featherweight that isn't working but is taking up floor space, a jacket hung on the shelf (yes there is a closet somewhere for this jacket), and lots of books and paper on the shelves and top of the desk.
First task (which took about an hour) was getting everything off the floor, sorted, put away. Boxes of books were removed, as well an extra scale, a pile of shopping bags, a box of paper, some clothes that needed mending, the sewing machine, jacket and the lamp (a left over from before my ceiling fan/light was replaced in early January).
 The folded clothing on the top shelf has to stay, it is the 'launch pad' for DGS's school clothes and they need to be readily available - putting each day's outfit together and having them ready for the early morning rush is important. I have tried them in other 'pile' areas but right now this is the solution.
Some baskets were reassigned from other tasks. The largest is now the 'launch pad' for the materials I use when writing up stock (tools, tags, tape, string, eraser, pencils), portable if I need to work in another area of the house. A problem from 2011 was not having the needed supplies right where I needed them, all in one spot. This should make things smoother for me. The smaller basket is for my blogging notebooks. The middle sized is for monthly records (this is currently full of 2011 records) and will be restarted as the 2012 basket after 2011 tax work is finished.
I added the books I have in my to-read pile and the shelf is full (basket on bottom shelf is also paperwork in progress and has to be where I can see it), contents change over as the 2011 paperwork is processed and it changes into a 2012 basket around late February.

I cleaned out the inside of the desk as well and put supplies in the little drawers. There will be some additions on the little shelves. The computer slides back and just fits when the top is up and there is a 1/4" gap where the desk area folds up so the power cord does not get pinched.
The before and after views. I can see some more work needs to be done another time, but this is much easier on the eyes and the tools I need for work are within reach so I am satisfied. Cost - zero, used materials on hand. Time - about 3 hours in total.


  1. Much better! I love things at my fingertips too, but clutter drives me insane. Congrats on your organization!

  2. There...that did not take to long, did it? I am impressed.

  3. Organized looks so neat and tidy, maybe I should give it a go.♥

    1. Goodness, that was easy. I'm happy. (the reply link).

  4. Joy you have done so well,a great improvement. It looks like you have read my recently published book, "How to Organize Your Home in Seven Easy Steps" a little book for working mums. Available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble on line.

    Thank you so much for following me, I am looking forward to visiting you again
    xx jeanetteann

  5. What an excellent word to pick! It will keep you inspired all year.

  6. You did such a great job! I might have to steal your idea of a basket holding books to be read.


  7. You go girl!!! You have that January clean bug kicking!!! I totally am green with envy over your darling desk!!! I'm totally excited to be your newest follower and to continue being inspired by you my new bloggy friend!!! I'd love for you to return the "love" on your next visit if you haven't already!!! Oh, and if you haven't signed up yet, I have a $50 stencil giveaway going on right now and I'd love for you to have a chance to WIN!

    XO, Aimee

    1. And pretty please share how you added your reply feature...I TOTALLY need that! SUPER Cool!!! XO, Aimee


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