Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mink and Persian Lamb Coats

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Although these lovely coats were not flea market finds they were estate sale finds (no flea markets happening in my area this time of year.

An invite to make offers (follows yesterday's post). Fur scarves, a mink stole (which was quite charming when I tried it on), mink coat and Persian Lamb with mink cuffs and collar were offered as a group. Whew. 

The Pastel Mink stole was made by Woodwards, a fine company that has been closed since 1993 (merged with Hudson Bay Company). 
Another reseller in the mall had a close look at these furs. She had been raised on a mink ranch and said the pastels are the hardest to raise as the farm raised fur retains stains. 
She said it was also the most sought after colour.
The 'darker view' of the same mink stole with lighting differences highlights the luxury of this fur.

Currently fur coats are popular in my area, with several resellers carrying them. Lighting conditions (home florescent and mall florescent) change the hues of these garments.
Persian Lamb coat, made by Woodwards
Details of the lining and a close up of the mink cuff on the Persian Lamb coat.

Below is a pastel mink 3/4 length coat.
again with the mall lighting showing deeper detail than the home lighting.
and one photo of the fur collars/scarves
The white and black need satin lining added. It was interesting to see the inside details of these collar/scarves. The grey/white is a tab collar that is meant to be stitched onto a coat. Each of the coats shown in this post have removable collars.


  1. I like the short mink coat. Awesome find!

  2. My Grandma had the most beautiful fur coat..I remember her wearing it. The fur is so lovely. I really love the styles of your coats.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. My Mother had a Persian lamb short coat and I loved it. I wonder whatever happened to it. It's probably in a thrift store somewhere! LOL!

  4. There is nothing as luxurious as fur! I had a white mink coat but I have given it to my daughter. I just love to stroke fur.....but I am petting my cat these days instead of a mink coat!


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