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A few lovelies from the Vintage and Visiting invite last weekend. The fur collar was part of the Mink and Persian Lamb Coats package. It can be hand stitched around the collar/neckband of any garment for a touch of luxury. 
As I remember, very popular in the 50's and 60's.

 Love the shiny crystal decorated candle holder, very romantic, very Valentines.
 The black trimmed glass candle holder/posy holder is very charming as well.
Grey satin lining in the collar.


  1. Oh, what treasures! I love the yellow dishes (my favorite color!) and after all these years I am finding myself getting attracted to dishes and I never have been in the past. I was all about practical but now it'a all about pretty! Do you have a store? Looks like you're selling these items? I just started following you so excuse my ignorance. Thanks for sharing all these "pretties".

  2. Love all your organization you are doing...and those BLUE TRANSFER WARE PLATTERS! Stunning!
    Are you linking up with French Country Cottage??...thought I saw you there!

  3. That silver and crystal candle stick appeals to my "crow" eye. I love shiny! ~ Maureen

  4. My oh my I so love these dishes!!

  5. Some gorgeous things there, great pics! Sherry :)


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