Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frosty Morning, Snowy Night

Welcome Aimee of It's Overflowing

It's Overflowing
Aimee is providing Friday lessons on her blog about
learning how to use a DSLR camera.
Unusual weather this winter (so far), no snow, minimal ice and a few days like Friday morning frost, iced windshields, slippery steps. I like the blue tones the white/light surfaces picked up. (take a peek at the last picture for an update...)
 Lots of texture and shape, artist inspiration.
Peaches spent a few minutes studying the yard for intruders and when I glanced over at the crocus pot there were three blossoms that weren't there last night.
So my treat of the day - crocus.

And late Friday night .....
....the first snowfall of the season (none in December), midnight picture, and below 8:30 am Saturday morning, back yard snow.
My 'painting table' with snow and the front yard snow.


  1. The snow is so pretty -- when it's in someone's else's yard. Always the crocus gives hope of spring to come.

  2. such a pretty spring flower....and the snow is pretty too!


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