Friday, January 27, 2012

Favourite Pieces of Furniture - Corners

The sun actually shone Thursday and I took pictures of anything that caught my eye. Some days I am totally in love with the wood in my furniture, the very old cracked, scratched, split, curled, worn and loved. I started to look at the corners, joints, bends, separations, sags. Took corner pictures of every old piece in the house, lots of it late 1800's and early to mid 1900's. Love the sheer oldness and wear and tear and patina. Made collages (thanks Picnik) and (late to figure it out) faded the watermarks. Love faded watermarks.
I've posted about this piece here.
The painted very old hutch top on the left (post about it here) and the faux painted pine dresser on the right
Tall pine dresser, stripped way back in history
Mantel clock on left, old maple finish table on right
and I use this piece as a background in many posts here for example. Kitchen cupboard.
and this is the curved corner of the top of the same piece. I think I will need to do a complete post on this piece, it does have some know history.
Left is the corner of a china cabinet and right is the corner of a pine dresser we bought back east (Nova Scotia) in 1975, our first road trip (in a VW bug) across Canada. Had the furniture shipped to us.
And this lovely - a pie safe with louvered sides and doors. Lots of splinters just waiting to turn in to slivers. Sort of rickety, maybe it needs a post of its own too.
Scottish Grandfather clock
My favourite - dresser beside my bed. Old, major old. The wheels on the bottom have gouged my wooden floor and left long scrape marks. I can see that a few of these pieces are going to be shared in more detail sometime soon. 
Almost forgot, my sister Gail gave me this piece when they moved from North Vancouver to Prince George about 14 years ago. They are back on the Coast now. Gail's blog This Green House, Building Green in BC has some great furniture posts as well. She chronicles her self chosen task as general contractor of their home from bare lot to finished and decorated (still an ongoing project and a fantastic read).


  1. I loved this post. I was watching Driving Miss Daisy earlier today and was thinking how I would love to have an old house filled with furniture from my mum, grandma, etc. Sadly, it's not to

  2. I just love old and especially furniture. And I didn't know you were from BC! I read and re-read Anne of Green Gables series still and picture how beautiful it must be or was then at least. I also love Novia Scotia because of my love of wool and rug hooking and some of THE finest examples in the world come from there and then I used to travel up to Ear Falls, Ontario to fish...just my dog and was a LONG drive but worth it and so pretty!
    Anyway...beautiful pictures of your gorgeous old wood with so much wear and tear and history to go with it. I think about who made it and when and who bought it and dusted it and where....I wish we could just scan things and up on our computer screen would come it's complete history! Now wouldn't that be fun!
    Oh! Love your new banner too....that's a keeper for sure! Very nice!

  3. I never mind the chips and cracks on really old pieces. It's all history to me and I feel like a caretaker for everyone who went before me. ~ Maureen

  4. oh I love all the depth wood can give a home! I saw you over @ MMS !
    Have a great weekend.
    p.s. I heard picnik is being shut down as of soon...not sure what that means...but thought I would let you know!

  5. Oh Joy, I completely "get it"! I too love old well worn wood with all of it's gorgeous imperfections. Furniture manufacturers try to "age" wood but it's never the same, is it? Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs with us!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Some of my heirloom wood pieces have character lines too, like me! And just like mt face, the marks aren't bad and they add to the history...and the beauty! :)

  7. Just love the worn pieces and rubbed corners. Has some real history there.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to be great blogging friends.

  9. Perfect. This is why I like old furniture. It's got a history and each piece mocks perfection with its own unique patina. Great post. Now I'm off to check out your sister's blog. Happy Saturday.

  10. I love old furniture just for that reason! It adds so much character to a piece. Thanx for coming to the party!

  11. Your phototgraphy is beautiful! These images have so much character and texture! Thank you for sharing to Potpourri Friday!

  12. I love old and especially furniture, Gorgeous pics!


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