Sunday, January 15, 2012

Davy Crockett and Sou-Wester

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Rarely do I find or even want to find fur. This weekend was an exception.
Two hats, both a curbside (our next door neighbour) finds.
The first is a never used cap with little tail
 (costume for Davy Crockett I suspect, but real fur).
 It was handy to have DGS model the hats - about a 3 second chance to take a picture.
Neighbour also put out a 'never used' Official Nova Scotia Sou'Wester (same model).
Neighbour and self often put out curbside items we no longer want and we often pick each others discards as soon as they appear.


  1. I think marmalade would savage the furry hats if they were at our house!

  2. Stopping by to say HI and see what you are up to. Love the Davy Crockett son has one similar and it always makes me giggle!

  3. Great curbside finds!! Stopping by to say Hi and invite you to join my blog! My best friend from Chronicles of Nani suggested to me that I would enjoy yours and she was right! Take care and hope to see you soon!

  4. Love your finds!

    My step mother was named Crockett...a direct descendant from Davy. That hat just makes me smile.

  5. Somewhere, sometime I lost you among my favorites. The first time I read your blog you spoke of having a booth/section at the Antique Mall in Ft. Langely and immediately you became a favorite of mine as the Antique Mall in Ft. Langely has been my favorite for more than 25 years and I wanted to ask you where your booth is located in the store. I'd love to meet you sometime for 'tea and scone' at the White House in Ft. Langley.

    I so appreciate all the DIY things you have come up with and repurposing items. I have had a little chuckle today when I perused your site and saw you decided to organize and named Cozy Little House as a site that helped inspire this interprize. I also smiled to myself seeing your changeing your desk, shelves and making them more efficient. Why did I chuckle as this is moi aussi!

    I look forward to hearing about your booth location and eventually meeting you as I go to the A. Mall almost weekly. Why, you say, well I look after the books in our parish and take all the boxes and packing paper to Bob for reuse for the store and today I had 'my dear one' put the latest stack of boxes in my car which means I will be making a trip there sometime this week.

    I don't have a blog and so use the agronym and not great in blogland language but love persuing dear ladies like yourself.

    ~Sylvia Faye

    1. Well thank you so much for writing Sylvia. I usually work on my booths on Sunday Morning (except this week because of the snow, I went in at 1:00 pm). Sounds like we enjoy very similar activities. Depending on whether it snows or not I will be over at the mall about two mornings this week. I usually try to leave by 11:00 so I don't get in the way of shoppers.

      My booths are in the right back corner of the mall (sign says aVintageGreen) and just up the steps as well in that corner, with two "Welcome" signs over booth entrances. I've painted most of the shelves/walls a very pale grey/blue and if you go over this week you will see fur coats, painted dresser and green painted table as well as green painted chairs etc, then you know you are 'there'.



  6. oh Joy if you are ever interested in selling the Davy Crocket hat I would love to buy it for my son in law!...Hope to see you this week i want to go tomorrow morning but they are calling for snow!
    Great finds!

  7. I did get over to the mall Sunday afternoon and the hats are there, on the back of a kitchen chair. Hope the weather gets warmers, ice under snow is not something I want to deal with, I just stay home on snow days.

  8. It makes me feel old to see the Davy Crockett hat. I'm old enough to remember when all the kids in the neighborhood had to have one. I never had one and you can be sure the ones I saw were not made of real fur. You're lucky to have such a cooperative model.

  9. HI Joy...guess what? I never got to the mall either and probably wont get there for a few days...till this mess gets cleaned up!

  10. Thanks so much for joining Would You Buy It! Love the finds and you can't beat FREE!



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