Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Versailles Chalk Paint - Painting Frames

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Went for a look around in my small store room and came out with an armload of framed art, from very nice to hand tinted etchings. Haven't looked in that stack for about 7 years so it was a nice surprise. Some of the frames were a bit tatty so...

Versailles Chalk Paint, a 1/2" artist brush, sanding block, brown paper (and glue) and waxes to the rescue.

Four frames, four different finishes, same materials.

First up... a dark brown somewhat scratched frame. Painted, dried in. Scrapped paint off the glass with a paring knife. Clear waxed frame, buffed. Sanding block light paint removal in a few places. Dark wax. Buff. Needed to cut out and glue brown paper on back for finish. Takes me back to art school when we were always creating canvas and frames, hauling frames, framing etching and various prints and drawings and finishing off the backs with brown paper (cut to size, glue, dry, dampen back lightly to shrink the paper for a tight fit). So serious, so happy and so centered in those days.

Next up an 8 sided framed petit point of a dogwood branch. Some damage on top edge of frame. Painted outer frame only, left the creamy yellow inner frame alone. Dried in, clear wax, buffed. Didn't seem like 'enough' so using the sanding block a bit. Waxed and buffed again. Such a lovely little framed petit point. Love using burlap in the background.

The colour in the picture on the right is closest to what I see although I love the close up with the burlap as a mixed textures photo. In indirect lighting the frame colour deepens.

Number 3 - a plain oak frame, nail in each corner, natural finish. Gave the nails a few firm taps to tighten the frame. One coat of Versailles, dried in, clear wax. Wood grain shows through. Finished.
Easy clean up, certainly a lot faster project than painting a piece of furniture, inside winter work when the rainy colder weather precludes working outside.

And the last - a mix of gold and cream. Added Versailles ASCP to the top of the rim (over gold and then rubbed off just enough paint to let a bit of gold edge show through. Painted the sides. When dry, clear waxed entire frame.
4th quarter shows ASCP over the original finish (lighter over dark)
Final - looks less shabby, subtle improvement, waxed, glass polished
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