Thursday, December 29, 2011

small Kitchen Reno part one

Boxing Day Sales. Fridges at their lowest for the year. Pick out, pay, delivery on Friday. Take lovely specs printout home. Measure front door. Fridge will NOT go through the space even with the front door removed and some framing removed. Back to store, same salesperson (June) who is really good with customers who fret. Solution is (of course) remove the fridge doors and freezer drawer. Get that written in the delivery order.

Back home. Measure space for fridge. OooooKay. Kitchen small reno coming up. Need 2 inches more height space.

This is the 'before'. Apparently fridges now need just over  70.3" of height just to fit in the 'fridge space'. Our current fridge (and the brown one before) had no problem. Buy, plug in, push back, fill and carry on.
 So there were a few debates on what could be done. Should we cut 2" off the bottom and rehang the doors? Best way to do that would be to take down the current cupboard. Its fortunate that Young House Love has been taking down cabinets in the last few weeks. They did just fine so... doors off. Had to charge the drills, then long screws out (except the 2 that refused to reverse out). Pry. Pull. Twist the cabinet. Call DS - this is 'way heavier' than expected. DH and DS finish removing the cabinet and lift it down.
Me, I box up the stuff that was stored 'out of reach', and all the baking trays, casseroles, containers, sprays, cleaners... that no grandparent/parent wants anyone young to touch. Found new homes for about 50% of the stuff. Keep working on that problem next day.
 Plaster dust came down with the cabinet, along with an unsuspected PROBLEM - no drywall under a section (hidden by the top of the removed cabinet). Solution - get a scrap left over from basement ceiling repair and enlarge the 'hole' by trimming and evening off the old drywall (that took about an hour of very careful, balancing on the ladder, twisting the back type of work because the 'ceiling drywall' around the 'hole' was between the studs (ie) no nails and it would have been VERY easy to make a bigger hole/mess by accident. It didn't want to be removed so it had to be cut/chipped in little chunks after cutting the 'paper line'.
 The  'swept up mess' and the mess to be swept up...
 A job that seemed quite 'do-able' has now turned into a small reno that has layers of work to be done. Patching (and reinforcing above the patch area with 2x4's, another not fun job). There are a lot of big bumped out holes from a great many screws to turn in to 'nice wall' too. Taping (some of the spaces are nasty), mudding, sanding etc. until smooth. Primer. Paint. Maybe then build a shelf (to be decided after the walls and ceiling area are repaired.
Pinkish peach paint with pale yellow over and the current pale grey showed up when I was working.

to be continued tomorrow...


  1. wow ...can't wait to see the continued! Good for you !

  2. oh, boy! It's never easy, is it?

  3. Ahhh, a simple light fixture swap has turned into a kitchen reno for me as well. I feel your pain! ~ Maureen

  4. Holy Moly...remind me never to get a new fridge.

  5. O good, you're getting a chance to relax over the Christmas break... Joy, hope you and yours are having a wonderful time - this will look great when you've finished. Happy Remodel.

  6. It always amazes me how what appears to be a small chore turns into a major mess. This looks like one of those projects that is a pain to do, but really makes an improvement when finished. I'm sure your new refrigerator will make it all worthwhile.


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