Monday, December 12, 2011

Poinsettia, Family Traditions

Welcome Leah of Plainview

My Dad dearly loves to visit a special open house every Christmas season at a local Florist and DS takes him each year. Live harp music, hot apple cider, cookies, a rose for each visitor. Lovely flowers, especially poinsettia, available. 

I love the poinsettia DS dropped off for me after he took my Dad home yesterday. Took pictures last night. Today I 'looked' at the background. Seemed fine when I took the picture last night - now I notice there are shopping bags on the hand rail. Reality. 

Tree cutting time after school today, decorating after supper. Moving furniture first. DGS is dancing around in anticipation. He loves putting the lights on - around and around and... Peaches likes the excitement too and helps by being where our feet need to go, adding a few quiet barks to help us along. A family tradition.


  1. That's one of the reasons Christmas makes us smile. Traditions. Decorating the tree and remembering doing this when our babies were young - - or when we were young. The first Christmas card... There is comfort in our traditions, a closeness to those no longer with us, happy anticipation of things to come - a feeling of joy.

  2. BTW until you mentioned the shopping bag - you're bit of reality - I was just noticing your beautiful plant. Happy Day!

  3. Hi Joy,

    So happy to have you back :-) Christmas is a time for wonderful traditions and Poinsettias too! It is a magical time which tends to bring us closer together.


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