Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Painting, painting and more ...

Started painting in June (in my 'upper booth') and continued throughout the summer in my 'red' booth (here and here and here) and continued on, an hour here, a couple of hours there... slowly transforming my booth spaces from the 'wood' to pale grey/blue (my favourite background colour). I'm working in the back left corner now. Making progress, seeing change. This is a 'sort of' before. I started by painted the front edges of most shelves, then the sides and finally started on the backs and tops. My goal was to paint when the mall was not open - that meant 1 hour in the morning and sometimes an hour at the end of the day.
My plan was to paint the most obvious areas first (edges and shelf surfaces) and continue painting shelf backs, sides and 'under the shelves'.
I wanted to cause the least disturbance to stock and keep 'out of the way' of customers.
Slow progress continued (working around stock, moving only a bit at a time),
(fast drying latex, low VOC - no smell)
DH installed another peg board...
(look how the light reflects now) 
and enjoyed re-arranging, gathering together, changing out
and generally making a 'new' look.

I hadn't planned on posting about this booth painting and I didn't take a 'long view' of the finished area. Maybe later today I will be able to add another view.
The painting continues and will until the job is completed.
No rush, slow and steady.
Much brighter.


  1. You have such patience!!
    Your shop/booth looks lovely!!!
    Wish I were there this afternoon to browse around!

  2. Would love to take a look through your shop, Joy. Just stopping by to wish you a Very Happy Christmas.


  3. Wish I could shop your booth...lots of cute things!

  4. Much brighter backdrop to display your cute items. Fast drying paint is the best. Merry Christmas Joy.

  5. Its really looking great, Joy! Wow it would be hard to change the paint when its a shop open all the time! I used to change my room paint out often, but we were an occasional market open only 4 days a month! You have a challenge! Thanks so nice for your sweet comments about the Bachman's house!


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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