Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting the Christmas Tree

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Visiting a tree farm, finding the 'best tree', cutting it down, standing around the burning wood in the fire pit, sometimes having a hotdog and hot chocolate, sometimes having a ride around the tree farm on a horse pulled wagon. Dragging the tree to the car and tying it on top. Another sweet memory. 


  1. Ah your experience sounds a lot more romantic than ours, we just go to the garden centre.

  2. Also at the garden center these days, but we used to take the kids to the country when they were children

  3. Hmmm... We used to do live trees when I was a child, but never cut our own. It sounds like a fun, although cold, day! Hubby and I bring the box down from the attic and burn an evergreen Yankee Candle. :/

  4. You can't have too many memory makers, can you. I used to live in Langley, I moved to Winnipeg three years ago. The next time I am back I will check your booth out at the Antique Mall, I always visit there when I visit.
    Hugs, Cindy


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