Saturday, December 10, 2011


This year there was nary a Amaryllis bulb on my sill. I brought one in from outside but ... nothing grew. I went out to buy a bulb- couldn't find a red. I bought a spider plant instead to help clean the air. Dropped in to the grocery store last night - success, Red. Wrapped it in a bit of burlap. Whew, a tradition I did not want to skip. (ps the burlap wrapping idea came from Donna at Funky Junk).

These beauties are from past successes. 


  1. I know what your mean. I had little or no luck finding a red one, and when I did, they were scrawny and an outrageous price. So.. I've no amaryllis this year. I don have two gorgeous poinsettias given to me by friends, and I'm thrilled with those. Hope you get blooms by Christmas. Did you see the "recipe" for making shorter stems? Vodka and water 1:7..on the plant, not drink. :)Have you tried it?

  2. Never tried that - sure would help the balance of the overtall stems and heavy blossoms.

  3. I have one for my husband for Christmas. It is wrapped and stored in a dark closet so it won't start to grow. I know this is trickery -- I see them in the stores shoots growing up and out of their cartons. I haven't checked this little one since I hid it : ( maybe I better go look?)


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