Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Tree, Fell over during the night

This hasn't happened since one little visitor PULLED the Christmas tree over about 15 years ago. Peaches (who sleeps in the living room) was sleeping in the bedroom Tuesday morning and when DH got up she lead him into the living room - the fully decorated tree (and 3 Litres of water from the base) were on the floor. DH pull the tree up, TIED it to the curtain supports. When I got up I swept up the broken ornaments, rolled back the carpet and had tea, did some other stuff, had coffee and finally started to redecorate. Not the morning I had planned. Carpet is still rolled back.
This is the '2nd decoration', first was Monday night and several pretties were broken.
Good thing was I hadn't put on my 'very old' favourites yet.
The start - finding a tree that was tall enough, not too tall, narrow enough ...
Peaches checked out the stand. Tree before the fall (and before the decorations).
One of the bent 'after fall' branches.

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  1. Aahh! It took me all day yesterday to decorate the tree. It would be a huge disappointment to have it fall during the night. We always tie our tree to the wall, especially since getting tall trees to fill high rooms.
    Oh well, no lives or precious ornaments lost!

  2. I guess this tree will have lived a full life by the time Christmas is over!

  3. Oh, My! Nothing like having to start over! Glad you didn't lose your old favorites!

  4. So, do you think Peaches knocked it over or could it have fallen another way? Our Kaline (kitty) is 6 this year and last year was the first year she didn't climb the tree. Carla hasn't shown any interest in climbing, she's more batting and knocking things, where her sister is the jump and climber. Still, we're in the habit of tying the tree to the wall to anchor it...Just in case they only climb at night and we just THINK they don't do it! :)

    I’m so glad your favorite ornaments weren’t on the tree yet and that nobody, human or canine, was hurt.

  5. Hi Joy!

    Poor Peaches must have been too scared to go back into the living room. I hope the floor was not harmed.

    It must be nice to have the room in the kitchen for a big tree!

    Thanks for joining my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. Oops... I don't know why I thought it was in the kitchen. Maybe because I have see so many kitchen tree this year :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. Oh no. Sorry about your tree falling. Thankfully I've never had to redecorate after a fallen tree. Last year I had a complete window display with three trees that had to be redecorated after electrical problems melted all my lights. Redecorating is never as fun as the first time around.

  8. Oh my goodness-thank goodness our dogs are small. I would cry! Hope the rest of your holidays go without complication:)!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I have been following yours for awhile.

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