Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Green House - Building Green in British Columbia

a blog detailing 'from land through home'
written by my sister.
Pictures are from her home.
A coffee table, once a table (read more here)
I have borrowed a few pictures my brother took earlier this year, of my sister's home. Her blog tells the story from ground breaking to last Friday's deck work and adding seasonal greenery to to the railings, as well as links to other writers with keen interest building green.
Home Heating (yes there is backup heating in place) Read here, here, here
and really, just EXPLORE The Green House blog. 
Building a home as green as possible, least impact on the environment, local resources, reusing, renewing, recycling, repurposing. Visit This Green House, Building Green in British Columbia.

Do you know any home owners who have built 'green' - including buying and using previously used building materials when possible, buying locally and using local expertise, making the least disturbance to the environment, recycling back unneeded materials, thinking far forward regarding water, heat, cooling?

The Green House is a very in-depth and detailed record (as my sister writes under her header of a:
Case Study: How two people (and legions of talented tradespeople) are building a new green home in British Columbia.
Rain water is recycled (read here).
Shows what a couple with vision and very 'hands on hard work' can accomplish. I am so proud of my sister and her husband.

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  1. Lovely. I really like the table in the first picture. I saved some of the old wood when we were remodeling our barn and I'd like to build one like that.


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