Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Dress Form

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I've fallen in love again, with vignettes, unpainted wooden shutters, hemp string, autumn leaves. Throw in some burlap, a wooden letter and a pair of metal cowboy boots - ahh.

The dress form did go into my booth, the rest stayed home for another day, another photoshoot.

Two Christmas Cacti in one pot - a deep orange and a lighter orange. Bought
the plants at a garage sale two years ago, repotted them, first blooms this year.
It got a good 'summer outside' and I brought in in early October.


  1. Christmas cactus seem to thrive on being pot bound

  2. Beautiful dress form, she's lovely. Your Christmas cacti are beautiful!

  3. Did you just get the Christmas cactus or are you making it look so good? Mine died last year - but the couple of years it lived it bloomed around Valentines' Day. Cute dress form. (I got a real one a few years back, some days the whole 'my size' thing is a little scary.)

  4. Love the dress form. Your booth looks like so much fun!

  5. Beautiful post! I have a dress form I keep 'dressed' for the season in a corner of my bedroom. AND I have Christmas cactus I need to bring in from the back yard! SO happy you reminded me! Have a blessed Saturday!

  6. I love dress forms. And your Christmas cacti are just beautiful. You have a green thumb for sure.

  7. Beautiful Christmas Cacti ..!!


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