Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Season Changing, Home Vignettes updated

It has been fun changing from Halloween to late autumn, early frost. I've learned from D, from fellow bloggers and from painting, grouping, transforming... it has been fun. I know the 'crows' are still hanging around - I love cast iron figures.
Getting bolder with letters. Pulling away from orange and blacks
and moving toward greens and red.
The Christmas cacti thrives and the pumpkins are fading away
 (now having a last 'hurrah" on the back deck).
The rosebud in the early Sunday morning frost and in the afternoon sunshine
A first bit of Christmas 'bling'
I've fallen in love with tablescapes -I  just look around,
find something to add, subtract a bit of something else. Fun


  1. Love your Christmas cactus. Mine is just starting to bud!!! :)

  2. Your rose buds are so pretty covered in frost. Love the shutters and burlap too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. The view out the window at the pumpkins is just so nice. I lost my Christmas Cactus some years back and one day I will find another. I don't even recall what happened. I just remember how I enjoyed it blooming every year.

  4. Oh how pretty...I love a sweet rosebud!! Andyoyr Christmas Cactus is so sweet too. I know it must be gorgeous when all in bloom! Thanks so much for joining my party for Pearls and Lace Thursday!! Its so fun to have you!


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