Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas Banner

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(no new cost for this project, all items were 'reused' from other projects/other Christmas years)
I am re-using chalkboard black triangle banner pieces
• Chalk, clean rag, metal clips (any type of clip), heavy hemp string (or your choice), cloth chalkboard painted triangles
• last year's faux garland and pretty Christmas balls and a few misc. decorations (your choice)
How to
• rub chalk on the last few chalkboard painted fabric triangles and wipe off with clean cloth
• rub chalk on 'pre-used' banner pieces, wipe off as above
• print/write/draw letters, one per piece
• attach the heavy duty hemp string between your A and B area
• clip on the letters (your word choice)
• add any decorations that make it 'yours'
• enjoy
Chalk rubbed on chalkboard painted triangles
back of painted triangle, chalked, rubbed with cloth and before chalk/during chalk 
banner decorated 
you may have guessed this is an 'evening' photo, lots of shadows


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial, Joy. Love this banner!


  2. How cute! Looks like someone cut up a classroom chalkboard to celebrate. This would be a great end of the year project for teachers. I've been away from my computer a few days, I've got to go through your blog and see what I've missed. Happy end of November!

  3. seriously Joy ...sell them@ the booth....crazy smart!

  4. LOVE it! Such a great idea!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

    Please come share at Knick of Time Tuesday and don't forget to enter to win my giveaway of an 8x10 Canvas Photo Print!

  5. Beautiful! I just love that chalkboard fabric!


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