Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manhattan Depression Glass

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Church Sale Finds. Lined up at 8:30 and visited with perfect strangers for half an hour until the Christmas Baking, Table Centre Arrangements, Gifts, Gift Baskets, Books and White Elephant sale opened. Talked about school, grade 3 (the Grandma behind me had her lovely grade 3 grand daughter with her), driving accidents and repair costs, the great sunny morning (crisp but bright), stuff like that.

And what lovely finds. The church ladies had big bags of holly for sale along with the strong suggestion to keep the stems in water so they will last until Christmas. Yes, I did that as soon as I got home.

First lovely find - Manhattan Depression Glass Serving Bowl and Footed Sherbets (1938-1943). Used some of the holly and a piece of burlap for a table cover, and an old window for the backdrop. I am beginning to think I should use some of the ideas Donna of Funky Junk's shelving ideas for storing staging accessories described in her post.

More church sale finds another day.


  1. This was such a joy to read, and the photos are so beautifully taken. I love that you had such a long convo with a perfect stranger, those are some of the best.

    The little dishes, would they be for desert? Love them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. I'll, keep coming back if for nothing else to get great tips on how to stage photos for my blog! :)

    The glass pieces are lovely and the holly just sets the stage for Christmas, doesn't it?

  3. Love church sales. Very pretty setting!

  4. What lovely finds. I hope the trick about holly in water works, I will have to try it myself, best wishes Anne

  5. Oh thats a great set! And one I don't collect! ivy!

  6. Wow these are beautiful. I will look for some thing like this too. I like the design.

    Mary, MI

  7. Is that what you call that style of glass? I have seen it, and I love the ridges.

    I love yours and will look forward to more treasures.

  8. Now that was a great find, Joy! Love the staging too.


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