Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holly and Berries

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and Lemon Lane Cottage
Holly and Berries, such a pleasing combination,
evocative of Christmas.
My holly tree has small white berries, planted the wrong type (actually the tree began as a 'fall on the ground from a wreath' little plant) and it grew into a big prickly tree that drops so very many bare feet look out leaves all year round.
Holly from the Church Christmas Sale
and Holly from my Christmas Decoration stash
and a mix of holly and Christmas Season memories
not the colours I want for Christmas Decorations


  1. Holly--I'm learning all the folklore for an upcoming program. I'll be posting some of it on my blog this week. You're certainly ringing in the season!

    If you can, would you invite your readers to visit my blog to participate in December to Remember? Giveaways twice a week in December, with the first one tomorrow :)

  2. Your china is beautiful! I have a holly bush that could be registered as a lethal weapon and sadly no berries. I have asked my husband to remove it but he insists we would need to up his life insurane policy! lol Your blog is beautiful. I'm following you now. Patty

  3. I love the cups and saucers! But then I love cups and I love holly, so what's not to love, right? :)

    My smaller baby rubber tree plant started as a broken piece of its momma plant. Sometimes "fall on the ground" is a good start!


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