Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Banner - Chalkboard paint, cloth, lace and ribbon

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This is my first try at 'copycat' 
- making banner triangles using chalkboard paint -

Michele of The Scrap Shoppe Blog posted a DIY Chalkboard Bunting tutorial here. It took a few days to gather the supplies and another few until the weather was dry/warm enough to spray paint outside (work fast as 8 degrees C is not that warm). Here is my variation of Michele''s banner. I've put the list of supplies below the pictures.
Lucky buy at Church Sale a few weeks ago - 4 yards of beige cotton fabric.
Step 1
• (after finding fabric) cut 2 (or more as needed) strips of fabric 6" wide
• on a piece of stiff paper cut out a 6" triangle (6 x 6 x6) or measure/join lines if you prefer
• trace the triangle on to your fabric on the 'straight' until you have the number of triangles needed
• cut out the triangles
Chalkboard spray paint, cloth trianlges, parchment paper
Step 2
• place a long piece of parchment paper on cardboard (to protect the garage floor in this case).
• lay the triangles on the parchment paper (keeps the cloth from sticking to the cardboard)
• spray paint CAREFULLY so that you don't mess up the floor, your clothing, your shoes... 
• the spray paint sort of 'blows' the fabric around so be careful
  (note, from Michele's post you can use Chalkboard paint which is easier to keep tidy)
• let the cloth dry and slip the triangles onto clean paper to dry overnight inside
Stick chalk and lace
Step 3
• rub stick chalk on each triangle (this step can also be done after applying trim)
• rub off chalk as much as possible
• write letters on triangle (this step can be done after finishing trim/chalking)
• stitch lace strip, sewing from the back of your triangle. Note that the corner turns have a fold of lace
Ribbon and clothes pins
Step 4
• take a minute to admire your work
• from the front apply ribbon or trim of choice, making 'corner turns with overlapping trim'
• if you didn't chalk or write letter on the triangles this is the time to do it
• thick hemp string needs to be tacked in place
• use clips to arrange your banner letters
• take pictures, enjoy
metal office clips, thick hemp string, eyelets
fabric scissors
sewing machine
(could be done by hand or with glue I am guessing)
parchment paper
old cardboard (flatten out a box)
Chalkboard paint (black) spray or paint tin
clean paper (for drying triangles)
trim, lace trim
Chalkboard chalk
clothes pin or office clips
thick hemp string or thin rope
nails or screw eyes to hold ends of string in place

Spray paint, about $1.00 for the 4 triangles
Fabric strips about $0.50 from church sale
trim/lace about $0.50 from thrift store
rest of supplies, on hand
Cost: $2.00

Yes this took quite awhile and I have two more banners to make (two more windows to decorate)
I think the next two banners will go faster and hopefully my 'turns' at the points will be more generous.


  1. This is really adorable. I've not seen chalkboard paint used on fabric before, and it looks wonderful!

  2. Adorable, Joy!!! You did absolutely wonderful at your first copycat project. :) I'll be sharing this on my Facebook page this morning!

  3. It's a super banner, what a great idea.
    Well done.
    I couldn't make this in a month of Sundays!

  4. Looks very nice......They will hold up for several years so they look like they are worth the time it takes to make them.

  5. Hi Joy,

    I had a suspicious link last week on Reality Shot Thursday- when I clicked on it I got a message that I had to sign out of my email and sign in another way to reach the site. When I went to LinkyTools, there again was no way to reach the link and no name. So I deleted it. I ran my virus and malware detection program and everything is okay. Anyway, it's made me stop and think about this whole thing. Someone could leave a questionable link and I wouldn't know about it until I clicked on it. And with the name, Reality Shot....well, you get the idea. I would never want anything on my blog that is offensive.

    So I have decided to call it a day on Reality Shot Thursday. Thank you so much for taking part.


  6. Thanks for the links Joy, I will try to get my act together!
    I think the chalkboard banner is amazing! What a great job you did! Crazy what people can come up with ...wish I was a smartie!

  7. Who knew you could paint fabric with chalk paint!? So great!


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