Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Finds late October

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On Saturday there were two 'big' sales, one at the local church just up the hill (a twice yearly event organized and run by the Parish Men's Group), and one at a regional Catholic high school (a yearly event) run by the parents and kids as well as the school staff. Both events were very well attended.

Pickings were slim for the things I look for. I couldn't find any rusty metal, old door fittings or wooden boxes. Both groups had an extremely generous volume of items for sale - lots of big furniture (tables and chairs, beds, dressers, couches, side tables etc.), and sale tables were covered in dishes, kitchenware, plastic containers, books, picture frames, Christmas decorations, bikes, sporting equipment, glassware, Halloween costumes, fabric, toys, videos, electronics (lots and lots), clothing, garden stuff... as well a higher end china, glass, clothing, decorating collectibles.
two lovely treasures - Laurentian Luggage
a bit of a teaser - ASCP Old White renew, see post: Monday
good finds, just very few


  1. I wish I could have gone with you!! I love the thrill of the hunt! You never know what you may find!

  2. I agree with Linda -- so much fun just poking around to see what you might discover.

  3. I love vintage suitcases! I really want to make some into shelves like the ones in the Flea Market Style magazine!

  4. Hi Joy,

    I'm glad you were able to find a few good things on your hunt.

  5. Some days are better than others, aren't they? You found some great things though. I especially love the suitcases. They always catch my eye. I guess for me it's the association with traveling to new places or visiting family.

  6. Thanks for visiting me and my blog at "smile, wink, nod!" I look forward to visiting yours, as well.

    Mich in Mich.

  7. So glad to have discovered your blog! Love the Blue Willow bowl--never seen one quite like it!

  8. I love the luggage and that blue bowl!

    Have a great day.

  9. Love your finds, especially the cases. Sherry :)

  10. Love the suitcases, especially the blue one!


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