Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage Underwood Typewriter

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Vintage Underwood Typewriter
All through university I typed all my essays and assignments on a similar 
typewriter - except it was a Royal, very second hand and well used
(no letters or numbers on the keys) 
bought by my Mom from a typing classroom because I was in University.
I remember using onion skin paper and erasing my errors and retyping because 
of the eraser holes in the paper.
When cleaning out a box of papers the other day I
found so many old essays.
and 'let them go', a 35+ years stack of memories
no longer needed.
The typewriter was given away many years ago.

The Underwood below came with a handwritten note saying it had
been sold off in 1936 when the business changed hands,
 North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

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  1. Love your typewriter, but most of all your story.
    I just bought an old one L.C.Smith and Bros. that I just love. Wonder where it came from and the hands that stroked the keys. Lovely thoughts.
    New follower,

  2. What a great piece! High school typing class was my favorite. Times have really changed, thanks for the memory! And the welcome!

  3. I recently bought two typewriters. I'm sort of getting addicted to them now. I remember getting my fingers stuck in between the keys when I was little.

  4. Thanks for a look at your typewriter and your memories!

    I am delighted that you shared this post at Potpourri Friday! You participation is appreciated!


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