Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Green Painted Furniture

Vintage Green Painted Furniture
The first green projects - the old drop leaf table that had spent about 5 years
on my back deck. Five layers of paint and 3 coats of clear wax.

I love the smooth finish this paint gave
and the coverage was good (2 coats and a bit of touch-up)
 Clear Wax finish on all of the furniture.
Child's rocker, tool caddy, grouping of furniture, part way painted caddy.
Sewing stool was original brown, tried white (contrast was too sharpe) and
now painted in green.
Stool was originally red. Green was the right color for its new owner.
The spoon rack is a shop made project, made of plywood, originally painted brown,
now green.
I had a lovely group of tan color chairs, tried them in brown and now switching
them up to green (notice the green table, was a muddy green)
Ironing board and tool caddy joined the green team.
Two dolly cradles, the top was natural color with a clear finish
and the bottom was previously brown.
All 'fresh painted' furniture late September and October projects this fall.


  1. That is a great green color. Love the drop leaf table!

  2. I love that bluey green colour - Farrow and Ball do a great one - and I have used it a lot on my own furniture.

  3. Pretty color and I love the little tool caddy! These pieces really stand out in your booth!

  4. The facings of our old house at the back of our property has facings that are the neatest color of green.

  5. that is my kind of color. Good thing I don't live near you!


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