Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage

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Reality this week has included a glorious sunshine day for painting furniture on the deck, a rainy day for moving said furniture into the house plus moving the boxes off the deck in to the house (rain), cutting the last of the dahlia's (it is late October and they have not been 'frosted'). The dahlia leaves have started to get the limp look from cold nights so I picked every flower. Dog biscuits, halloween decorations, piles of work to be done... everything as usual. I used my tripod for the third photo. Current new goal is to practice 'getting better results' using the tripod with my digital (non  SLR) camera.
a moment in time
working on those 'mildew smell' drawers - and the paint did knock out the smell
boxes of stuff hiding behind the last of autumn dahlia's displayed in 'hand vases'
- did use a flash as the light through the curtains
muted the true colours of the vases/flowers


  1. I always like seeing your reality shots - love the box of Milkbone biscuits! The hand vases are really neat! Which reminds me to go out and cut my zinnias and bring them indoors to enjoy. It's getting colder out there.

    Thanks so much for joining in!


  2. Great post, the hand vases are very unusual don't think I've seen any like them before.

  3. Focus is on the flowers not the boxes. :-)


  5. Nice sharp pictures. A Joy to see.

  6. Your pics look pretty good to me! I don't have a fancy DLSR camera either - just a little point 'n shoot!

  7. with the Milkbone biscuits there has to be a sweet dog around?

    I like those hand vases also and all your pictures are good

    thanks for saying hi on my blog

  8. Love the dahlias. I think mine might have been lost last night here on the Island - quite frosty this morning.

    Pretty vases, too.

  9. Oh those vases are fantastic, not to mention the flowers. I too having been painting (and sanding - achoo!) With lower temps and humidity I've been able to do it outside without the dust sticking to me. I have heard that charcoal will get rid of that odor or even rubbing them with newspaper. Ann

  10. You are always up to something!! I love that!

  11. Perfect! Put the flowers in front of the mess and it just goes away! I had dailias in a past garden. Love them!

  12. Very pretty autumn vases Joy. You sure have been busy - painting is not something I enjoy doing.

  13. I love your hand vases- the colors are incredible! Your dahlias are beautiful too :)


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