Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage

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I am beginning to look forward to and plan the photos for sharing a slice of reality with the Reality Shot Thursday linkz hosted by Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Today my pictures are a sort of a 'behind the scenes' of what I am working on and the realities of paint, paper, dogs, newspapers, boxes, tools, sewing, writing posts, life.

This week the big job was painting furniture. The weather is changing (wetter, colder) and I want to get the furniture finished before it is too cold to work outside. Can't spray paint in the house (high chair, picture frames). ps: learned I need to tarp a large area around my outside spray area - I had to repaint part of the deck after the last white spray painting job (the deck was grey). I appreciated a blogger writing about the weather problem, I hadn't considered the 'how to spray paint on rainy, windy, cold days'. So spray painting is about over for the season.

I have started to heed some advice from bloggers, especially Donna of Funky Junk Interiors on using a tripod when possible. I didn't use the tripod in these photos but I did in the before, during and after pictures I took for my future posts of the furniture I worked on this week. Donna also wrote: turn off word verification. I did. I also listened to Brenda of Cozy Little House on turning OFF the flash whenever possible. I've turned the flash off for most pictures and it has made a positive difference.

This is my reality this week.

Furry friend helps as she walks past
Kitchen table is a good height for painting, combining mending with drying furniture,
very time efficient (also laundry, washing dishes, sweeping the floor ...) 
After this marathon of painting (three days, three coats per item, wax etc.)
the living room was filled, just a TV- to-chairs path was left


Wednesday morning this week I loaded the car with furniture
and most items are in my booth.
Living room is back to normal.

and I learned from Holly at Hoosier at Heart , who wrote:

I saw a tutorial this morning on this blog (Sew Many Ways).
I had no idea that the box at the top of our blogs
were search boxes for the blogs we are on.

I didn't know that either. Thanks Holly.


  1. Hi Joy! Thanks so much for joining us. Your reality shots are great and educational, as well. I like seeing what goes on behind the scenes as you paint your furniture pieces. Our house is very small, so I am frequently painting on the porch or in the kitchen.


  2. Do you ever just rest? You are so busy busy! Those are great tips you gave and thanks for the mention of my blog. Have a great day!

  3. Lordy you've been busy, just looking at all you've acheived this week makes me dizzy.

  4. I learned a lot from your post today! Glad you are 'back to normal' in living quarters! Talk about being a busy creative lady!! YOU are!!!

  5. I'm clicking on all of the reality links on Claudia's blog....and I love your shots....working on a project and having things layed out to me isn't clutter...that's ART man! I love it!

    I'm now following you....and if you'd like to swing can follow and enter my F L A S H G I V E A W A Y for a chance to win some handmade creations, if you like them....

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  6. How do like working with the chalk paint? I'm longing to try some but it will have to wait until next Spring. Do I see white ironstone tureens tucked in there? I collect them and love them.

    Enjoy your busy creative days - you have some great treasures to share - the reality of your endeavors is exhilarating.


  7. My, you are industrious! I had to lie down for awhile just thinking about it! Glad everything is back to normal - have a great week! Love, Linda

  8. I can't wait to check out your work! I hope to stop by tomorrow :) thank you, for the follow :)

  9. Well, I have to say my favorite shot is of the tail going by... and also that your painted pieces are so pretty! Your results are definitely worth the reality of it taking over your space! Ann

  10. many important tips! The little white chair is adorable!
    If you tarp remember to use a cloth one...the plastic ones just hold the paint crack and spill allll over the place!

  11. what boxes at the top of our blogs????

  12. the bar at the top - starts with the rectangular space then the words
    Follow Share Report Abuse Next Blog>>

    It is not the top of your screen, but the top of your blog.

    Hope that helps.

    - Joy

  13. We had a spell of warm weather over the past week and I've been frantically trying to get things spray painted too! I got halfway though a shelf yesterday and today it's raining! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who occasionally oversprays! Would you believe I actually spray painted a table right in my dining room? I was sure I could keep the red paint contained to the tarp I put down. But, no there was a very faint red tint to my carpet around the edges of the tarp. Oops!

  14. Wow! You've been busy! That's alot of painting projects.


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