Saturday, October 8, 2011

Post # 400 - WoW and Vintage Smith-Corona Clipper Portable Typewriter

First love was typing. Most useful and used skill I ever learned.
Blogging, Posting - Started slowly, built slowly and in January this year
decided to post once a day.
Some goal !
Maybe next January I will decide to post on week days mostly.
and now for today's post:

One Smith-Corona Clipper Portable Typewriter. Lucky find. Certainly not as light as a laptop. Saw it, didn't even open case, just handed over the asking price. Love the turquoise blue/green keys. Came with the manual and a spare ribbon too. I've found only one other portable typewriter (check here) over the years of searching.


  1. What a treasure! Amazing how far technology has come. What you have there is a piece of history as well as a work of art! So how long have you been blogging? It will be two years for me this January.
    I always enjoy the way you collage your pics!

  2. Congrats! Number 400. I can't imagine posting every day. I think twice a week is all I've got. Love the gadget. I remember someone in my life having one of these set up on their desk. I was 10-ish and couldn't resist trying it out. It made a little noise, the adults heard me and came rushing to see what I had done. While I wasn't forced to wear a Scarlet T - I do remember the door being closed and me having to sit down and "behave."

  3. I started blogging in December 2009 and over time have my posts have morphed into painted furniture (thank you Miss Mustard Seed especially), creating a few pretties, learning about vignettes and presentation, reading a huge blog list every day with great pleasure, commenting on many, many posts every day, learning, helping out others who are beginning bloggers, taking hunders and thousands of photos, learning Picnik (who knew!), getting involved in the lives of so many bloggers. It is a caring community as well as fascinating one.
    - Joy

  4. Oh my goodness does that not take me back in time, I learnt to type on a manual typewriter , aaa bbb ccc hated it, but know what would I be without my typing skills

  5. I love old typewriters! I learned on a Smith-Corona and I still miss the sound of clacking keys!



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