Friday, October 21, 2011

Painted D Table - Mediterranean Sky

Covered with layers of dust, spider webs and spider cocoons, a few loose nails, this D shaped side table was a 'free take it away' item.

A 'remove the layers of dirt' wash and dry, some hammering, several layers of white spray primer and the D table was ready to paint. Keeping the same theme, pulled out a 'free take it away' paint from last weekend's garage sales. Mediterranean Sky. Two coats of paint, 1 coat of clear wax. In my booth.
Before (first light layer of prime)
Top was marked. Spray primer and first coat of paint (left bottom)
After                                                    Before

A sturdy little accent table


  1. That is amazing! Really amazing!
    Someone will count that a treasure.
    Good job!

  2. It came out beautifully, and I can think of a dozen places it would look good here. Great job!

  3. Looks good. Another one of your blogs I'm adding to my "decorating" favorites... I've got to make time to try painting furniture. Don't know why it scares me - I paint walls when ever I can...


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