Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Painting - Frames

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Why didn't I take more pictures BEFORE I start painting?

Over the weekend I dug out found three vintage wooden layered frames that had been hiding (beside the freezer and behind the dresser in the shed ...) 

I love old gold coloured ornate frames and have stored these for years.
Taped the fabric inner borders (and you can see other projects in progress in this collage)
Spray painting outside (made a mess of the deck this time, had to repaint part of the flooring)
Green tape over cream linen inner border.
Rust-oleum Primer, Rust-oleum Heritage Blossom
Ornate. Substantial.
From painting to hanging in my booth.
Green tape over black velvet inner frame. Same paint as first frame.
This is the oldest of the three frames. For some reason I didn't take a
before picture, just a whoops 2 layers of primer picture.
Dark frame, multi-layered, very ornate, heavy
An under the rim detail
Shabby chic


  1. Wow, I really love those frames! They turned out wonderfully in the makeover!

  2. Loving the frames, you really are the master painter! Love your header too.

  3. Awesome. Nate Burkus had them on his show last week and I caught the bug. You sure did a great job with these.

  4. Looking good! Where are you planning to hang them? I found you through the comments over on http://becomingkelli.blogspot.com/2011/10/throwback-fun.html . Thanks for the comment; I like your blog!

  5. I can't hardly find any great ornate frames. Now I know why you have them all. They look great.

  6. Oh, I LOVE those! I'm crazy about frames like that and I am always keeping my eyes open for them. I think they look wonderful in the white.

    (And I frequently forget the "before" shot too. UGH. )

  7. Those really are pretty! I've done this a couple of times - don't know why I haven't done it more, other than it's a big mess! But the results are worth it.

  8. I have frame jealousy - love them! I'm your newest follower!

  9. They're just GORGEOUS...now come back and show us what you you do with them!!

    (Hope you'll be able to take some time to visit my little space in the blogosphere as well...)


  10. Have some of these in my garage just waiting for me to attack them..thanks, now I am inspired

  11. A beautiful update!! Love the re-do and the thickness of those frames, well done!!

  12. You have a great collection--Thanks so much for linking up--hope you'll be back this week!


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