Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feed Sack Memories

Print feed sacks were popular, pretty and colourful with multiple and various patterns. In rural households these feed sacks were used to make clothing, and from the 20's and into the early 60's (when the cloth sacks were replaced by more economical paper sacks) they were an ready source of fabric.

Feed Sacks: A Sustainable Fabric History (Etsy blog) by Linzee McCray ( Pearl the Squirrel) provides a good written/photo historic overview of feed sacks.

My memories. Mom made and remade our clothes until the early to mid sixties (that is when HomeEc teachers taught sewing and I made my own clothes and so many family outfits over time) and my love of sewing continues to this day- right up there with typing classes and 50 years of typing and keyboarding).

I do not know how Mom managed to do all the work she had on her shoulders as a young mother and rancher's wife, and then a mother with 4 children and a minister's wife (Dad went from rancher to Minister). When I remember how my child's vision saw her then and how my adult memories revisited her life and her work I feel awe that she could do so much for so many people with so little help or money.

Mom is one of hundreds of thousands of mother's who produced and raised the baby boomers. Mom would make matching dresses for us and we wore them with pride. Aprons were worn to help keep the dresses clean longer. I remember wearing dresses made from feed sack material. Later memories were often of Grandma's gifts of fabric and fabric Mom picked out with us. In the 50's girls wore dresses. If the weather was cold we wore thick stocking with socks, long underwear and wool snow pants under the dresses with hand knit sweaters, vests, pullovers... and wool jackets, mitts, hats, scarves, boots over our shoes. Little kids looked like snow babies. Enough.

Do you have feed sack memories? Whenever I see something like this table cloth I want to buy it and bring it home. Instead, I take pictures. My storage spaces have no space.

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