Monday, October 24, 2011

Before and After - Bedside Table

Not big, suited more for a child's room, somewhat worn,
bit of pencil art and sticky tape,
gave it a good clean. A bargain at $5.00.
Two coats of ASCP Old White. Dried for 24 hours. 
It looks fresh. I will be giving it a clear wax and buff.
White, Fresh.
Sanded a bit and waxed some more. It is now in my booth.

A 'decorated for fall' vignette of the finished bedside table
and then the before, during and after shots.
added my cast irons crows, waxed leaves and gourds in a bowl
and the afghan that Nana Eleanor Jensen knit for me 30 years ago


  1. Pleasure to 'meet' you today, Joy!

    I've been meaning to have a go at the chalk paint too. There's a couple of items in my garage that are perfect candidates for experiments!

  2. Great update Joy! Love those birds! ASCP is a great makeover maker!

  3. This useful little table turned out beautifully!! I just finally placed my first order for some AS chalk paint today. These "decorating" forums are new to me - I started blogging as a scrapbooker/card maker. Love your blog and will now follow you too! :) patti

  4. ASCP is a dream. I am working on a post about chalk paint - make it yourself and ASCP and other bloggers examples of mixing their own chalk paint. It isn't ready yet and I want to try out some of the mixes myself to compare first. More projects.
    - Joy

  5. so sweet and simple! what a nice clean look it has now!

  6. Very pretty makeover. Amazing what a pretty coat of white paint can do. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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