Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Things Thursday -

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Another great blog to link and share - Vintage Things Thursday, hosted by Colorado Lady.

The shoe shine box below needed some TLC - the section joined by hinges was cracked (you can see the lighter line where a piece of wood was chipped out) so glue and clamps were used. Clear wax was used to clean the inside which had a great deal of the 'shoe grease' black wax all over the bottom. Clear wax was also used to clean the outside as well.

Found this great old shoe shine - in this color ! Inside, full of great polishes and  brushes.

The small motion lamp is in very good shape, My parents a larger version on our first TV back in the 60's. This smaller version (about 12 inches tall) throws a great shadow as the inner cylinder rotates. The plates are Crescent China are are dated on the back - 1911 and 1910.
Who can resist such great teaplates. Remember this TV motion lamp with Niagra Falls motif - 50's or early 60's.

The Rooster Planter is about 4 inches tall. It fits in well with Rooster/Chicken collectibles. The lantern has not been cleaned, painted or altered from its original state. Rusty, worn, well used.
I think this is a railway lantern, rusty and intact. The Rooster planter is likely from the mid-fifties.


  1. A wonderful variety of vintage treasures.

  2. Diggin' that motion lamp! Beautiful~

  3. oh i love the colour of the shoe shine box and the rose plates make me swoon...we had a motion lamp when i was little and seeing your picture brings back happy memories and warm times for me so i thank you for posting,
    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. I haven't seen one of those motion lights in decades!!! Wow!!!!

  5. Some great items today-really like the rose plates!

  6. that is really something that the shoe shine box had the brushs and stuff in it! thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  7. I just love finding and sharing old treasures!
    Glad you shared yours with me.

  8. What great things. I think someone in my family had a shoe shine box like that, but I can only visualize it and not who owned it. What a real treasure!! Happy VTT!

  9. I like your rooster. I'm not familiar with the motion lamp- it would probably cause me to miss half the tv show I was watching.. I'm easily distracted ---- O My! When I went to do the 'name/url thingy' I just realized you're the other JOY I'm following, as in my comments on VTT are just after yours. How fun. This is a small world. Happy Friday Joy. cJoy

  10. Great collection of vintage items - love the rooster and the rose plates!

  11. That Niagara tv lamp is to die for!


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