Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vintage Home Village Antiques Mall

Welcome to follower # 72 Babs from UpstairsDownstairs and
follower # 73, Victoria Guanche from the Canary Islands (this link is to her profile)
Another welcome visit to Vintage Home's booth at Village Antiques Mall. 

Love Colleen's colours - and learned how to colour match while making the collages in Picnik, 
choose your border (default colour will be black) and  then click on a colour in the collage for an instant colour match border. 
When making a double border do the same - perfect match. 


  1. I love these super cool photos!! Picnik is such a good tool to use!

  2. Found you via Cozy Little House. Always happy to make new friends. How lucky you are to be doing something you love! So cool that you work in an antique mall. Will be visiting again. Lana www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

  3. Beautiful things - I love the pinks and aquas.

  4. Hey JOY!...Thanks for doing this!..you are so sweet ..I believe these are your best yet!...COuld I steel all of them to do a blog entry over @ VINTAGE HOME?
    So do you know about Fieldstone Market?..Sept 24 th Ecco Dairy Abbotsfrod...52 Vendors...you should come!
    Love the format!


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