Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - finds

This is my first time to join Apron Thrift Girl 's Thrift Share Monday. I am joining on a Tuesday and next time will be ready on a Monday.

I do most of my thrifting at garage sales. Almost everything I find goes in to my booth. Some things below need some repair, the backs and frames of the pictures will take some time to repair.

The one item I likely should have skipped is the metal picture frame - the back is in poor condition
and it will take some work to turn it into a tray.

The silver plate will need polishing

and it will be hard to part with the small rolling pin. The metal applique (left side of picture) is still
a mystery as is the cream coloured metal box and they
will remain with me until they are identified etc.
The vintage curling iron and sealer lid will be going to my booth .

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  1. Great items!! I would love to tour your home!! I imagine it is a 'One of a Kind Creation' from all your treasured finds added to YOUR own history!


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