Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A favorite blog by a fellow BC writer/blogger/artist is Funky Junk Interiors. I am dedicating this great piece of funky junk to Donna. She transforms wood and metal into great looking and useful items with great style. Take a deep look at her blog and be amazed.

The collages below show parts and whole of a Pyrene Copper something - I think it is a fire extinguisher but the identifying words are mostly missing.  I didn't make anything 'new' with this vintage art (art now that it is for looking at but not functional - notice the hose has been cut off) but the whole and the components are a battered, rusty, dusty delight.

in front of Joy Shelf at Mall


  1. Those aren't just pieces, they're ART. :) I could look at this stuff all day but then I'd have to have it or I'd work myself into a frenzy. Thank you for dedicating these wonderful relics to the likes of me! :)


  2. Missed you today...but was in your booth!..Looks great and love the patina of this piece!

  3. Thanks for the link....I am checking it out now!
    Hope your week is going well....


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