Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keeping it Real - sort of

The delightful Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage has started a meme which grabbed my attention. (this is copied from A Breath of Fresh Air, the first linker on Claudia's new meme -  Reality Shot Thursday

Where do I post/paint/work/do stuff?

Mostly my kitchen and in good weather I use the deck just off the kitchen. Love my kitchen. It is big enough, empty enough, has enough bare floor space for a good size tarp when painting and enough plugs for my electrics. Versatile. Places to put away the paint, laptop, stock, furniture I'm working on, stuff. Often looks really messy but at night the dishes are done, the short counter is clear and its ok.

Some (few) snaps of an instant in time. When I look around the same area tonight it is much calmer. Mostly cleared off table, drying rack outside again, tidied the background shelves.

Started to rain, moved drying rack into kitchen.
Notice tools on table along with projects and workstation
and filled shelves of stuff to do something with
in the background
and then there is the 'tarp in the kitchen' painting
with boxes and stuff waiting for somewhere else to go
using the short counter/sink area to start a new painting project
and the great outside space in good weather, projects on the go

A little slice of what the past couple of weeks held. Mess rotates, stuff rotates. I keep busy. I'm happy.

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  1. This is reality at its best! When I paint, it usually needs to be inside due to humidity so I can relate to this! Ann

  2. I love this post, Joy! After all, you need a place to work, and thank goodness you have that large kitchen! It's nice to see the finished product, but along the way....there's always a mess.

    Thanks so much for joining Reality Shot!


  3. Boy howdy, can I relate to this! I have about four different projects going right now, and I feel as if my projects have taken over my house!

  4. Hi Joy, see you're in one of my favorite spots, beautiful BC. You look very busy there with your many projects! Like you, I'm longing to be outside painting on the deck once the humidity diminishes...............which will be this weekend according to the weather bloke, yippee, can't wait!!!

    Just bet your booth is amazing. Sadly, I recently closed mine at a local antiques venue because I've just no time available right now. I'm off to travel to some wild places soon!

    Have a fabulous day dear - happy painting and treasure hunting - all worthwhile, even when it makes for kitchen upheaval!!

    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  5. Well, we reality gals all know that every kitchen needs a good tarp in it. LOL Love your reality!

  6. I love it! Nice to see a little reality! I'm the same way when creating!


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