Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free is Good - Vintage Plywood and Pine Desk

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Vintage Plywood and Pine Desk - curb 'Free'

This is the 'before'. 
Carrying desk in to the house. Heavy enough.
Settled in to the kitchen, may get to stay
Yes, stays, and here is a 'peek' at the 'new colour'
and you may remember seeing this desk borrowed for a 'faux mantle' post yesterday - check here.

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  1. Love the free, but with 7 desk and the dining table used for another desk area (I homeschool 3 teenagers) I don't think I'd have room to fit it anywhere in my house! Love the color you choose, can't wait to see the final product!

  2. I adore old writing desks,thinking who would have loved and used them before...the new colour you have chosen is beautiful,thank you for your lovely comment,
    Have a lovely weekend xxxx

  3. I love the desk If I had room I would buy that

  4. very cool, yes i would have bought it.

  5. Wow! And free? I need to open my eyes to what MY neighbors are tossing in the trash!

  6. I've been busy the past few days, I'm playing catch up this morning. Can't wait to see the finished furniture.


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