Monday, September 26, 2011

Chalk board paint - first try - Halloween One

I didn't have a mantle to decorate so I decorated the end of a table. I have been wanting to make small chalk boards and saved several potential 'bases'.

Before I started using the chalk board paint I prepped the plywood/wood wall mount board (see below). Used ASCP Paris Grey, 2 coats and when dry (overnight) Rexall Clear Wax (had it on hand) and buffed, 2 coats, then taped and framed with wax paper before the chalk board paint step.

Finished as well as in progress in this collage
This is my first try using chalkboard paint (used Rust-oleum Chalk Board Black spray) because it was the cheapest least expensive way to experiment. Tried 4 different bases - plywood (see above), tin watering can, 25th Anniversary tray, oval metal (silver color) handled tray. Used blue masking tape and Chalk Board spray can, wax paper to make sure my Annie Sloan Paris Grey wall mount board would remain grey (did have to repaint two corners as the spray drifted through when the wind blew under the wax paper corner). Newspaper under everything. Messy when you mis-spray. Wore latex gloves. Wear your paint clothes. Stand so the wind blows away when you spray...

Sent DS out for chalk sticks - my request was 4 boxes. Surprised me that it takes less than one stick of chalk to 'chalk' and break in a new small chalkboard. Lots of chalk on hand now.

When finished, cleaned up, dried, chalked and written on I found this to be a fun project and certainly flexible for seasonal displays as well as everyday home uses (notes, lists, greeting...)

Saw many great chalkboard examples at Fieldstone Vintage Market on Saturday - and so I am linking this page to Donna of Funky Junks blog extensive photo and text of the Vintage Market. I went, loved it, took lots of pictures and will be posting some another day. Enjoy Donna's writeup. A chalk board lamp shade seemed pretty unique.

Chalkboards plus a touch of halloween

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  1. How very clever!! I love the way it all turned out! I have never used chalk paint.....may have to give it a try.

  2. I finally got a chance to check back with you. You're so busy. Your projects turned out great. I had lots more visitors than I usually get on a Sunday - I'm thinking that's because you mentioned me on your blog. Thanks. I've been busy and have no post to show for it.... maybe something will come in the night.

  3. How festive and personal... you did a great job! Love it all!

  4. I loooooove chalk board paint. Be careful, after my first experience with chalkboard paint, I was looking for ANYTHING to cover in chalkboard paint. Ha ha. Your Halloween decor turned out fabulous. I am a new follower and would love for you to link up at my Freshmen Friday party for new bloggers at:


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