Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Mantle

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Autumn Mantle
I have been admiring the many varied banners and the colourful fall themed mantles 
on so many blogs this week.
On Saturday a 'free at the curb' desk found me just at the end of my garage sale time.
Knocked on the householder's door, yes, just take it away.
I will likely have more to say about this pine and plywood 
very vintage piece of furniture later 
but for now it is my 'mantle'.

Gathered some burlap 
(wrapping plants for winter loose weave burlap)
Paper clamps (tiny), scissors, metallic blue wrapping wire,
made a paper pattern (after checking out a few blog banner examples).
Cut out three triangles, tried to thread them 
(loose weave just strings 'apart')
used the clips and clipped banner pieces to the metallic wire.
(hammered in two nails under the cabinet over the desk)

I picked up a bag of varnished gourds at the grocery store,
dug out a great vintage pottery bowl
a Royal Winton black with poppies candle holder, a green candle, a vanilla candle (a gift from my sister with love)
two autumn pressed leaves that fell from a one of my Mom's books, happy sad memory.
Needed a bit more .... something...
Cut another piece of burlap for a 'runner'

I feel like a creative blogger.

and Monday morning I rescued two bouquets of dahlia's - heads on the ground, stems snapped over
from the rain and wind. Got soaked.
very close to last 'picking' of the year
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  1. Love your "fake" mantel. You've got it decorted really cute, and what a super find on that dresser!

  2. Free dresser and cute decorating... ! You did good!

  3. You did a great job on your fall decorations. Since, it is just myself, I never decorate for any occasions anymore.

  4. Happy Fall, I am your newest follower and what a great idea you have.
    Don't you just love fall with the colors and a breeze is in the air tonight. I love that burlap I purchased a bolt from JoAnn's this weekend. Didn't have a clue why but now I know. I may try making a banner for ourside.
    Drop by my site I am having a giveaway, Kathy

  5. Thanks so much for linking your fall mantel to Wow.

  6. Great minds think alike! Love the burlap banner. Thank you for linking up .


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