Friday, August 26, 2011

A Visit to the Historic O'Keefe Ranch

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A visit to the Historic O'Keefe Ranch
The highlight of my brief holiday was a visit to this ranch.
It is just north of Vernon, BC.
Today - the Barn, hand hewn boards and logs. 
Age. Beauty. Texture. Form.
Also got to see the historic sight with DS and DGS which was definitely part of the fun.
French Fries, running, exploring, stomping up and down stairs.
Hurry up and wait for me.


  1. I enjoy the history of those early settlers and their epic journeys. If that wonderful old timber could speak what tales it woud tell!

  2. Joy, these are beautiful photos! I love seeing all the details. What rich history of another time. So interesting.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I always wish I could know the full story of the people who lived there.

  4. Very nice! Love your pics and commentary! Nice visit!


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